Top #10 Best Acer Spin 5 Charger Of 2022 {Guide & Reviews}

There is a large market for acer spin 5 charger, and there are a lot of similar products available. Making a purchase decision can be difficult because there are so many things to consider. However, our team has compiled a list of 10 popular and top rated best acer spin 5 charger that you can consider if you want to buy one. We believe these items will save you time and money.

A Shortlist Of The Best Acer Spin 5 Charger

Take a look at the following comparison chart of our top 10 best acer spin 5 charger that will win your heart.

Top 10 Best Acer Spin 5 Charger You Should Go For In 2022

Bestseller No. 1
N15Q8 N15Q9 N16P1 65W 19V 2.37A Charger Replacement for Acer Laptop AC Adapter A13-045N2A A11-065N1A Pa-1450-26 Aspire 1 5 R15 Slim A515-54 Chromebook C740 Spin 1 3 5 Swift 3 Power with Cord
  • 【PRODUCT TYPE】19.5V 3.42A 65W 3-prong Input: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ Acer Slim Tip Laptop Charger
  • 【DC CONNECTION】Interior diameter: 1.1 mm; External diameter: 3.0 mm (Note: Please make sure the DC output and tip size of ac adapter are accordant before you buy)
  • 【COMPATIBILITY】 19v 2.37a Charger For Acer Laptop A13-045N2A A11-065N1A PA-1450-26 pa-1650-80 adp-45fe f PA145026 Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop Charger A515-54 Acer Aspire 1 Charger A115-31-C0Yl A115-31-C2Y3 A115-31-C23T N15Q9 N15Q8 Acer Chromebook Charger Acer TravelMate B117 B118 B118-RNC Iconia: W700P W700 Acer Aspire Switch 3 10 Charger SW3-013 SW5-011 SW5-012 Acer Switch Alpha 12 Charger SA-271 N16P3 N16P1 N16Q9 N15C3 Acer Chromebook C720 Charger Acer Spin 1 3 5 Laptop Charger
  • 【GUARANTEE】Our AC adapters are 100% Compatibility With the Original. Complying with the CE/FCC/ROHS/UL Certified Standard.
  • 【RETURN AND EXCHANGE POLICY】Full refund for whatever reason within 30 days of purchase. Additionally, We offer product free exchange should it become defective within one year of your purchasing.
Bestseller No. 2
65W 45W Charger Fit for All Acer-Aspire Series Laptop - (UL Safety Certified Products)
  • Attention: This Charger is compatible with 5.5*1.7mm & 3.0*1.1mm Charging Connectors.
  • Fit for Acer Aspire 1 3 5 E1 E5 E15 ES1 ES15 ES17 E5-575 E5-575G A114-31 A315-21 A315-31 A315-51 A315-52 A315-41 A515-41G A515-51 A515-51G A517-51 A517-51G E1-472P E1-510 E1-510P E1-522 E1-532 E1-532P E1-570 E1-572 E1-572P E1-731 E1-771 E5-411 E5-471 E5-471P E5-475 E5-522 E5-523 E5-532 E5-553 E5-511 E5-511P E5-521 E5-531 E5-573TG E5-553G E5-571G E5-521G E5-571P E5-571 E5-551G E5-552 E5-551 ES1-111 ES1-111M ES1-411 ES1-511 ES1-512 ES1-531 ES1-533 ES1-571 ES1-572 ES1-732 ES1-711(larger connector)
  • Fit for Acer Aspire R3 R7 R11 F15 F5 V3 V5 V7 V11 V14 V15 R3-131T R7-571 R7-571G R7-572 R7-572G F5-571 F5-571T F5-573 F5-573T F5-573G V3-111P V3-112P V3-472 V3-472P V3-571 V3-572 V3-572G V3-572P V3-572PG V5-121 V5-122P V5-123 V5-131 V5-561 V5-561P V5-471P V5-472P V5-552P V5-561G V5-573P E1-472,Travelmate P2 P6 B115 B117 B118,Spin Swift N16W2 N17H2 N16P9 N16W1 N17W2 N18H1 N16C4 N17W3 N16P5 N17P3 N17P4 N17P2 N15V2 N17W6 N17W7,Chromebook c710;kp04501016 kp04501017(larger or small connector)
  • Fit for Acer Spin Swift 1 3 5 Series: Spin 1 SP111-31 SP111-31N SP111-32N SP113-31 SP111-33;Spin 3 SP315-51 SP314-51;Spin 5 SP513-51 SP513-52N;Swift 1 SF113-31 SF114-31 SF114-32;Swift 5 SF514-51 SF514-52T;Swift 3 SF314-51 SF314-52 SF314-52G SF314-53G SF315-41 SF315-41G SF315-51 SF315-51G SF314-54 SF314-54G SF315-52 SF315-52G;N17P6(small connector)
  • Output:19V 3.42A 65W (Compatible with 19V 2.15A/2.37A 40W/45W) Input:100-240V 50-60Hz Package Includes: 1 X AC Adapter, 1 X Power Cord
Bestseller No. 3
UL Listed Laptop Charger Fit for Acer Swift Spin 1 3 5 SF114 N16P9 SP315-51 SP111-33 SF314-52 N16W2 N15V2 SF114-32 N17W6 N17H2 SF314-51 SF314-42 SP314-51 SP314-53N SF515 AC Adapter Power Supply Cord
  • Fit for Acer Swift Spin 1 3 5 SF114 N16P9 SP315-51 SP111-33 SF314-52 N16W2 N15V2 SF114-32 N17W6 N17H2 SF314-51 SF314-42 SP314-51 SP314-53N SF515-51T Laptop (Not Fit for Type C)
  • Safety: With the UL international quality certification authority, our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent and internal overheating. Designed with high temperature resistant, flame retardant and fire-resistant materials, all our products provide ultimate protection for your devices.
  • Output:19V 3.42A 65W (Compatible with 19V 2.37A/2.15A 45W/40W) Input:100-240V 50-60Hz Durability: Durable material and superior components ensure long durability, regardless of scrapes, bumps, or drops
  • Package Includes: 1 X AC Adapter 1 X Power Cord
  • Warranty: Your shopping experience is important for us. If you don't want It for any reason, we will happily accept the return,This product is eligible for replacement or refund within 30 days,and the manufacturer provides an additional 12 Months Warranty. Anyway, return or refund are available. (Please check your laptop model and buy it with confidence!).
Bestseller No. 4
Portable 7.5Ft Charger Fit for Acer Spin 5 SP513-51 SP513-52N Spin 1 3 SP315-51 SP111-31 SP111-31N SP111-32N SP113-31 Swift 3 5 SF514-51 SF314-51 N16W2 SF313-51 Laptop AC Adapter Power Supply Cord
  • Compatible with Acer Spin 5 SP513-51 SP513-52N Spin 3 SP315-51 Spin 1 SP111-31 SP111-31N SP111-32N SP113-31 Swift 5 SF514-51 Swift 3 SF314-51 SF313-51 Aspire R15 R 15 R5-571T R5-571T-57Z0 R5-571T-59DC Laptop(Not fit for SP515-51N series)
  • Output:19V 2.37A 45W Input:100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Nicpower chargers manufactured with the highest quality materials small and lightweight fine workmanship and include OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection).
  • What you get:1 x AC Adapter
  • Service & Support:30 Days No-hassle Return Policy / Manufacturer 12 Months Warranty
Bestseller No. 5
AC Charger for Acer Swift Spin 1 3 5 SP111-33 SP111-32N SF314-51 SF314-52 SF314-54 SF315 SP314-21 Chromebook CB3 CB5 CB3-111 CB3-131 CB5-132T CB5-571 R11 11 13 14 15 C720 N16Q13 N15Q9 N16P1 N15Q8
  • Specifications : Output:19V 3.42A 65W (Compatible with 19V 2.37A/2.15A 45W/40W) Input: AC 100-240V 1.2A 50-60Hz Connector Size:3.0*1.1mm Prongs:3-Prong Package:1x Ac adapter and 1x Ac power Cord
  • Compatible for Acer Chromebook 11 R11 13 14 15 C720 C720P C740 CB3-111 CB3-131 CB3-132 C730 C730E CB5-132T C738T C731 CB5-311 CB5-311P CB3-431 CB3-431-C5FM CB3-431-C7EX CB3-431-C3WS CB3-431-C5EX CB3-431-C0AK CB3-531 CB3-532 CB3-531-C4A5 CB3-532-C47C CB3-532-C8DF CB5-571-C1DZ CB5-571-C4G4 CB5-571-C09S C720-2848 C720p-2625 C740-C4PE C740-C3P1 CB5-132T-C8ZW CB5-132T-C9KK CB5-132T-C1LK C738T-C44Z CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-131-C3KD CB3-111-C670 CB3-111-C8UB C731-C8VE AO1-131-C7DW (Not fit for C7 C710)
  • Compaitble for Acer Spin 1 Serises SP111-31 SP111-31N SP111-32N SP111-33 SP113-31 N16W2 N18H1 swift 3 5 Serises SW312-31 SW312-31P SF515-51T SF515-51T SF313-51 SF314-41 SF314-55 SF314-51 SF314-52 SF314-52G Spin 3 5 Serises SP513-51 SP513-52N SP314-52 SP513-53N SP314-51 Aspire S5 S7 S5-371 S5-391 S7-191 S7-391 S7-392 S7-393: S5-371-52JR S5-391-6836 S7-391-6468 S7-391-6478 S7-391-6810 S7-391-6812 AO1-131 AO1-431
  • 100% New from Manufacturer, 100% Compatibility With the OEM Laptop AC Charger/Adapter,Built-in overload, over-voltage, and short circuit protection
  • Warranty :Rest assured with 60 days Refund and 12 months Replacement,also get our friendly customer service;The return window will be closed a month after you received the the product.Contact us by follow step:Please click on seller store on right corner “ask a question” and contact seller
SaleBestseller No. 6
19V Laptops Charger for Acer Aspire 5 A515-56- 36UT Slim A515-54 Spin 1 3 5 Swift 3 SA-271 Chromebook C720 C740 Pa-1450-26 AC Adapter Power Supply Cord
  • 100% Brand New, DC-Output : 19V, 3.42 A, 65W (Compatible with 19V 2.37A )Input : 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • DC Connecter size: Internal Diameter: 1.1mm, External Diameter: 3.0mm
  • Compatible with Power Adapter Acer Chromebook 15 14 13 11 Cb3 Cb5 C720 C720p C730e C740 R11 Acer Chromebook R 11 C720, C720P, C730E, C738T, C740, CB3, CB5: CB3-111-C4HT CB3-111-C670 CB3-111-C6EQ CB3-111-C8UB CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-131-C3VC CB5-132T-C1LK CB5-132T-C32M CB5-132T-C8ZW C720-2103 C720-2420 C720-2800 C720-2802 C720-2827 C720-2844 C720-2848 C720-3404 C720-3605 C720-3871 C720P-2457 C720P-2600 C720P-2625 C720P-2661 C720P-2666 C720P-2834 C738T-C44Z Acer Chromebook 13 C810, CB5
  • Replacement for Acer Aspire 5 A515-44 A515-44-R2SA A515-54 A515-44-R41B A515-54-51DJ A515-54G A515-54G-5928 A515-55 A515-55G A515-55G-57H8 A515-55-56VK A515-55-378V A515-56; Acer swift spin 1 3 5 series: SF314-54 SF315-52 SF314-55 SP111-31N SP111-32N SP113-31 SP111-33 SP314-51 SP314-52 SP314-53N SP314-53 SP314-54 SP513-51 SP513-52N SP513-53N
SaleBestseller No. 7
65W Universal AC Charger Compatible with Acer Aspire 5 A515 R5 Chromebook 11 13 14 15 C720 CB3-532 C738T CB5 Spin SP111 Swift SF315 TravelMate Spin B118 Spin SP513 SF314 Cloudbook Series Power Cord
  • Output: 19V~ 3.42A ~ 65W . ★Also compatible with models below 65W. (As long as the connector size is correct) Input: 100~240V / 50~60Hz;Connector: 3.0mm * 1.1mm and 5.5mm*1.7mm(not compatible with Type-C and USB-C )Please make sure that you choose the right model or just ask us about the model.
  • Compatible with Acer Aspire E5 E15 A515-43 43G A515-44 44G A515-46 A515-51 51G A515-54 54G A515-55 55G A515-55T series;Aspire R5 R7 S7 series.Acer Chromebook 14 15 C720 C730 C731 C738T C740 C810 C910 CB3 CB5 series;TravelMate Spin;ICONIA W. Aspire:1400 1600 1700 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 A111 A114 A115 A311 A314 A315 A317 A514 A515 A517 A615 P3 R5 R11 S7 E1 E5 E15 EC EK ES1 F5 K40 K50 MM1-571 M5 R3 R7 V3 V5 series.★Also compatible with most Aspire models.
  • Compatible with Acer Swift SF313 SF314 SF315 SF515 series;Acer Spin SP111 SP113 SP114 SP313 SP314 SP315 SP513 series Acer Switch,Aspire One Cloudbook 1-131 1-131m 1-132 1-431
  • Compatible P/N: N15Q8, N15Q9, N16P1,N15Q1,N15W4,N16C1,N16Q2,N17C4,N17Q1,N17Q4 N17908,N19C1,N19C3,N19H1, A13-045N2A,PA-1450-26, PA-1650-80, PA-1650-80AW, A11-065N1A, ADP-45HEB ADP-30JH B, ADP-40PH BB, ADP-40TH A, ADP-40TH C, ADP-65DB, ADP-65JH DB, ADP-65MH B, AK.040AP.024, AK.065AP.013, AP.03003.001, PA-1650-02, PA-1650-22, PA-1650-69, PA-1650-86, PA-1700-02, SADP-65KB, MS2309(★More laptop models below.)
  • Safety & Warranty: CE-/FCC-/ROHS-Certified for safety, 12 months warranty; 30 days money return guarantee; 24 x 7 email support.(Please check your laptop model and buy it with confidence!)
Bestseller No. 8
65W Ac Adapter/Laptop Charger/Power Supply for Acer Spin 1 3 5 SP111 SP314 SP315 SP513 Series:SP513-54N-74V2 SP314-21-R56W SP314-54N-58Q7 SP314-54N-77L5 54N-50W3 54N-74V2 SP314-53N-77AJ SP111-33-P1XD
  • Emaks POWER SPECS : Input;:AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz;Power:65W ;Output: 19V 3.42A ;Connector:3.0 mm*1.1mm
  • This Adapter works with Acer Spin 1 3 5 SP111 SP314 SP315 SP513 Series:SP513-54N-74V2 SP513-54N-56M2 SP513-54N-74V2 SP513-54N-51PV SP513-53N-57RE SP513-54N-58XD SP513-54N-70PU SP513-52N-552K SP314-21-R56W SP314-54N-58Q7 SP314-54N-77L5 SP314-54N-50W3 SP314-54N-74V2 SP314-53N-77AJ SP314-53N-77AJ SP314-52N-52PL SP111 SP111-32 SP111-33:P111-33-P1XD SP111-33-P88S SP111-33-C6UV SP111-33-C58B SP111-33-P4VC SP111-32-P6CV SP111-32N
  • 100% New from Manufacturer, New replacement product, works as genuine parts; Built-in overload, over-voltage, and short circuit protection; High energy efficiency - friendly to the environment, and your laptop
  • Warranty:your repeat business is important for us, any question, please feel free to contact us. we promise that we will help you to solve questions. 24 x 7 Email Support,12 Months warranty, 30 days money back guarantee
Bestseller No. 9
PowerSource 45W UL Listed 14 Ft Extra Long AC-Adapter-Charger for Acer Chromebook CB3 CB5 11 13 14 15 R11 N16P1 A13-045N2A N15Q9 C738T N15Q8 CB3-532 CB3-431 PA-1450-26 Spin 1 3 5 Laptop Power-Cord
  • POWER SPECS - Output Max: 19V 2.37A 45W / Input Volt Range: 110-240V / Original Acer Charger Laptop AC Adapter Power Cord Replacement by PowerSource
  • COMPATIBILITY - Acer Chromebook 11 C730 C730E C731 C731T C735 CB3-111 CB3-131 CB3-132; 13 C810 CB5-311 CB5-311P; 14 CB3-431; 15 CB3-531 CB3-532 KP04501017; R11 R13 R15 C738T CB5-132T N15Q8 N15Q9 N16P1 N16Q13; Spin 1 3 5 SP111-33 SP314-51; Aspire One Cloudbook 1-131 1-131M 1-132 1-431 1-431M; P/N AK.045AP.061, AK.045AP.075 A13-045N2A PA-1450-26 NT.L6SAA.005 and others. Check Connector Photo to Ensure Compatibility.
  • SAFETY / UL LISTED - Underwriters Laboratories, the leading American consumer product testing laboratory, lists this PowerSource product as meeting their standards for electrical safety and design in the United States and Canada. Don't buy potentially inferior or dangerous chargers that can harm your laptop or worse!
  • PERFORMANCE, SAFETY, RELIABILITY - All of our product lines are put through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure safe, reliable operation for years to come. We guarantee our products will charge your device as efficiently as the original charger, or any other replacement. In addition, our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - As an American company, headquartered in Biloxi, MS, we are proud to stand behind our products as we greatly value repeat business. That’s why we offer an industry-leading return and exchange policy: Within 30 days of purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked full money back guarantee. Additionally, for two years from the date of purchase, we will exchange your product free of charge should it become defective. NOBODY beats our guarantee!
Bestseller No. 10
Chromebook N15Q8 N15Q9 Adapter Charger Replacement for Acer PA-1450-26 Swift Spin 1 3 5 SF114 CB3 CB5 11 13 14 15 R11 R13 A13-045N2A N15Q9 C731 C738T CB3-532 CB3-431 CB3-131 Power Supply Cord- 45W
  • Output:DC 19V 3.42A 65W Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz; Connector Size:3.0mm*1.1mm; 100% Brand New; Package: 1x Ac adapter & 1x Ac power cable
  • Compatible with Acer Chromebook 13 C810, CB5: C810-T7ZT CB5-311-T1UU CB5-311-T677 CB5-311-T7NN CB5-311-T9B0 CB5-311-T9Y2 CB5-311P-T9AB Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431: CB3-431-C5EX CB3-431-C5FM CB3-431-C5XK Acer Chromebook 15 C910 CB3 CB5 N7: C910-3916 C910-54M1 C910-C37P C910-C453 CB3-531-C4A5 CB5-571-362Q CB5-571-C09S CB5-571-C1DZ CB5
  • P/N : N15Q8 N15Q9 N16P1AK.045AP.061, AK.045AP.075 A13-045N2A PA-1450-26 NT.L6SAA.005 and others.
  • Safety/ UL listed: it's a safe UL listed ac adapter, NO spark when plug in, NOT getting too warm, NO need to worry about any fires / explosions or shocks occurring or harm coming to the kids and yourself.

What To Look For Choosing The Best Acer Spin 5 Charger

Take the following considerations into account to choose the best acer spin 5 charger that meets your needs.

The first step is to determine what your needs are. Once you know what you need, it’s time to start finding the right product.

When youï’re looking for a product, itï’s important to find the right price and right size. Itï’s also important to find a product that will meet your needs. For example, if youï’re looking for a new car, you need to find a car that meets your needs and fits your budget. The same thing goes for products. You need to find the right product for the right price and the right size.

In today’s competitive world, it’s important to find the right product for your needs. This guide will help you do just that. You’ll learn about what to look for and how to choose the best product for you.

There are many benefits to a specific product. You can find a list of benefits on the productï’s website. But there are also many products that have unique benefits that you donï’t find on other products. For example, some products have antioxidants that help reduce the risk of cancer. Other products have ingredients that help improve sleep quality or improve cognitive function.

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