How To Lower Humidity In Curing Jar

The humidity in a curing jar needs to be lowered in order to prevent the development of mold. The most effective way to do this is to use a desiccant, such as rice, which will absorb the moisture in the air.

How To Lower Humidity In Curing Jar

To lower humidity in a curing jar, you can place a small desiccant pouch inside the jar. A desiccant pouch is a small bag filled with a drying agent, such as silica gel, that helps to absorb moisture and keep things dry.

-A curing jar -A hygrometer -Peat moss -Baking soda -A small fan

  • Place curing cannabis in the jar
  • Fill a jar with water
  • Cover the top of the jar with a clean cloth place the jar in a cool, dark place

Some tips on how to lower humidity in curing jars include adding a small bowl of desiccant crystals, adding a small bowl of uncooked rice, or placing a few fresh slices of apple in the jar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should The Humidity Be In My Curing Jar?

The humidity should be around 65% in your curing jar.

Is Burping Necessary For Curing?

There is no scientific evidence to support that burping is necessary for curing. Burping may help release gas from the stomach, but this will not cure the illness.

Do I Need To Open Boveda Packs?

It is not necessary to open Boveda packs. The packs will work fine without being opened.

Why Do You Burp Jars When Curing Them?

You burp jars to release any built up carbon dioxide. If this gas isn’t released, it can cause the jar to break.

Do I Need To Burp With Boveda?

No, you do not need to burp with Boveda. Boveda releases water vapor into the air to keep your cigars at the right humidity. It is not necessary to burp Boveda as it will continue to work correctly even if it becomes over-saturated.


To lower humidity in curing jar, one can use a desiccant such as rice, which will help to absorb moisture from the air. Another option is to keep the curing jar in a dry place, such as a cupboard or closet.

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