How To Pick Up A Hockey Puck With Your Stick

There are a few different techniques that can be used to pick up a hockey puck with your stick. One popular technique is to grip the puck between your thumb and first two fingers, and then use your other hand to lift the puck off the ice. Another technique is to cup your hand around the puck and use your stick to lift it off the ice.

How To Pick Up A Hockey Puck With Your Stick

When picking up a puck with your hockey stick, you want to place your stick perpendicular to the puck. Next, you want to grip the puck close to the ice with the blade of your stick. Finally, you want to use your body and your legs to help lift the puck up off the ice.

-A hockey puck -A hockey stick

  • Position your body and stick in front of the puck
  • Use your stick to scoop the puck up off the ice
  • Extend your stick out in front of you

Some tips on how to pick up a hockey puck with your stick include positioning yourself so that the puck is between you and the net, keeping your body close to the puck, and using your stick as a guide to move the puck into your control. Additionally, you can try to angle your stick so that the puck slides off of the top of it and into your grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Lift A Puck In Hockey?

There are many ways to lift a puck in hockey. One way is to use your stick to lift the puck off the ice and into the air. You can also use your body to help lift the puck.

Can You Pick Up The Hockey Puck?

Yes, the hockey puck can be picked up.

Can You Pick Up Your Hockey Stick?

Yes, of course.

Are You Allowed To Lift Your Stick In Hockey?

In ice hockey, players are not allowed to lift their sticks above their shoulders. This is done in order to avoid dangerous stick swings.

How Do Hockey Players Pick Up The Puck With Their Stick?

Hockey players use their sticks to control and move the puck around the ice. To pick up the puck, they angle their stick slightly below the puck and sweep it towards them.

Can You Pick Up The Puck With Your Stick In Nhl?

It is possible to pick up the puck with your stick in NHL, although it is not a common move.

How Do You Pick Up The Puck Off The Board?

The puck can be easily scooped off the ice by using a stiff-bladed hockey stick and pushing down on the puck while bringing the stick up.

What Are You Not Allowed To Do In Hockey?

In hockey, you are not allowed to touch the puck with your hands.

How High Can You Lift Your Hockey Stick?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the height and strength of the individual player. However, hockey sticks typically weigh between 500 and 600 grams, so a player with good strength and technique should be able to lift their stick at least one meter off the ground.

Can A Player Pick Up Another Players Stick?

Yes, a player can pick up another player’s stick as long as they are not in possession of the puck.

Can You Grab Another Player’S Stick In Hockey?

In hockey, there are rules that prohibit players from grabbing each other’s sticks. This is done to prevent players from holding on to each other’s sticks and preventing them from moving.

Can You Pick Up The Puck In Ice Hockey?

In ice hockey, the puck is picked up by skating towards it and then scooping it up with the blade of the stick.

Why Do Hockey Players Not Pick Up Sticks?

There are a few reasons why hockey players don’t pick up sticks. One reason is that they may be holding the puck and don’t want to lose possession. Another reason is that they may not know where the puck is and they don’t want to risk going out of bounds to get it.


There are a few things to remember when picking up a hockey puck with your stick. First, make sure you have good control of the puck before you try to pick it up. Second, use your stick to scoop the puck up off the ice. Third, keep your hands close to the puck so you don’t lose control. Finally, protect your stick by keeping your hands in close to your body.

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