Does Cable Become Thanos? Our Answer

Does Cable Become Thanos? No, cable does not become Thanos.

Why does Cable look like Thanos? In the comics, Thanos is the adopted son of Mentor, an alien who lived on Titan. When Thanos was a young boy, he met and fell in love with the embodiment of death, Mistress Death. He then went on a killing spree in order to please her. He was eventually stopped by the Avengers and imprisoned. Cable is a mutant who is from the future. In the future, Cable is known as the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey (the Phoenix). He was born with certain psychic abilities which made him very powerful. When he was still a baby, his parents sent him into the future in order to save his life. Since Thanos is a powerful villain in the comics, it

Why Thanos looks like that? The comic book character Thanos was designed by Jim Starlin, who modeled the character after actor Jack Nicholson.

Did Cable become Thanos? No, Cable did not become Thanos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cable Deadpool’S Son?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it has not been definitively confirmed or denied by the creators of Deadpool. However, there are several clues within the comics that suggest this could be the case. For example, Cable was actually sent back in time to prevent Deadpool from being born, as he is a lethal mutant who could potentially destabilize the future. This could be interpreted as a sign that Cable and Deadpool share a connection that goes beyond simply being allies. Additionally, when Cable first meets Deadpool, he refers to him as “Throne of Blades,” which is also the name of one of Cable’s sons in the comics.

Who Becomes Thanos?

Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon Titan to Eternals A’Lars and Sui-San. He is the half-brother of Starfox, the son of Mentor and nephew of Thanos.

Will Cable Join The Mcu?

There has been no confirmation that Cable will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there is speculation that this may happen in the future. Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, has said that he would like to see Cable appear in a future Deadpool movie.

Is Cable Also Thanos?

Yes, Cable is also Thanos.

Is Cable The Same As Thanos?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people may say that Cable and Thanos are essentially the same character, while others may argue that there are key differences between the two. Ultimately, it is up to the individual viewer to decide what they believe.

Who’S Joining The Mcu?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a series of American superhero films, based on the Marvel Comics universe, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The MCU is the shared fictional universe in which all of the films are set.

Who Is Thanos Wife?

Thanos is not married.

No, Cable does not become Thanos. However, he is able to take down the Mad Titan and restore peace to the universe.

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